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Re: [IPk] Bread and bolusing

Hi Diane
I tend to do this too. BUT I make sure that I don't take any insulin till I'm 
sure I've come out of the hypo. However, it went disastrously wrong this 
morning. Woke up with a BG of 5.1 (very impressive for me!), had my usual 
breakfast. Started walking to work and almost immediately began to feel low. 
I stopped at the doctor's surgery (10 mins away) to hand in my repeat 
prescription. I had some glucose tabs and felt very shaky, so I sat down in 
the surgery till I felt better. The receptionist was a bit confused as I 
think she thought I was expecting the doctor to sign my form there and then!
By the time I got to work I was still feeling shaky, though I knew I had 
recovered from the hypo, so I had a cup of coffee with sugar (quickest way to 
revive me!) and bolused a unit of insulin. Checked my BG an hour later and it 
was 18! Oops. I think for some reason my breakfast carbs kicked in a bit 
late, which made me go low and then rebound. But why this happened I have no 

> 2. (I shouldn't do this according to my DSN). If I have a hypo and
> really pig out I work out how much extra I've eaten, I usually need 10
> to 20g of carbo to come out of hypo, then give a sq wave bolus for the
> remainder over the next hour - this usually stops the rebound. But I'm
> still cautious as I know giving insulin when you're hypo can make things
> worse.  I know its not best practice but everyone must have gusled a
> whole bottle of lucozade/ eaten too much choc cake when hypo, then had
> the rebound?
> Diane
> D-Tron user
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