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[IPk] Time zone basals and insulin carriage

Don't put any insulin, even your spares in the hold as the temperature 
in the hold can drop below freezing, and if you've ever bothered to read 
the info that comes with your insulin you'll know that it shouldn't be 
frozen (the proteins break down). You maybe need to make this clear to 
the airlines.

When flying in Europe (pre sept 11), I just took a letter from my doctor 
to say that I'm diabetic and that I need to carry needles.

If you have problems keeping your insulin cool whilst travelling 
(particularly for spare insulin), I use a "Frio" bag, which you soak in 
water, which is held in beads, this water slowly evaporates, which cools 
the insulin inside the bag. I think they've got a website.

Happy hols!
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