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Re: [IPk] Leaking reservoirs

>Ooh er!


Bob Burnett, an American friend of mine who used to help run the US list,

>Yes, this problem still interests me. I first ran into this in 1997, with
>my MM 506. It was a very easy problem to duplicate, seen by others and
>apparently still not resolved.
>I was able to get the rubber O-Rings to leak by "flicking" the cartridge
>with my finger when filling it, trying to dislodge bubbles. I found if I
>hit the cartridge with my fingernail at the spot where the O-Rings are,
>insulin would leak right past the rings, down the plunger. Very
>consistently repeatable. I have since heard from people who use a pen or
>pencil to strike the outside of the cartridge to dislodge bubbles (a
>procedure taught by many clinicians over here), who have seen the same
>John Walsh, of Pumping Insulin fame, noticed the same problem years ago,
>placed a photo of it on his web site at http://www.diabetesnet.com and also
>included a picture in his book. The people at MiniMed are not happy with
>his picture .....
>I have not been able to duplicate this problem with Disetronic plastic
>cartridges, nor plastic cartridges for the Animas pump (which I now wear).
>Your photo is outstanding - it shows the leaking insulin in vivid detail.
>May I suggest that you correspond with John Walsh about this? His email
>address is email @ redacted
>Naturally, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles with this. I can't help but
>wonder why this problem cannot be fixed after 6 years or more ...

[Note: the Animas pump is not sold in Britain]

Bob also claims to have had all his Humalog "go off" in his pump while he
was wearing the pump on the outside of his trousers and painting his house
in the bright Texan sunshine...

>John that's a bit of a worrying problem and it sounds like it's
>caused you some hassle.  I just wondered it you started to actually feel
>unwell?  Was some going through at all? I assume some must have been delivered
>or you would obviously been a lot worse.  Do you have to check for ketones if
>this happens or only if your levels were high for longer. Is this the first
>time that you have had to abandon the pump for a short time?
>I hope it's all sorted out quickly.

It was no major drama, Jackie. Yesterday's high BGs eventually responded to
yet more insulin from the pump. Those are the occasional problems we have
to steer around. More worrying were yesterday's no delivery alarms during a
mealtime bolus... (I tend to bolus my Humalog during the meal, rather than
before.) I get these alarms a handful of times each year. I usually
disconnect the infusion set, bolus a dummy 2 units, which normally clears
the problem. On this occasion the alarm continually restarted shortly after
reconnecteing and rebolusing. I say I abandonned the pump: what I mean is
that I decided to finish my meal and sort of the problem later - which
required a 4 unit injection.

>What  sort of camera have you got there John? ( me being interested in
>photography especially macro photography).

It's an Olympus Camedia C-2020-Z. Bought it the day Christopher was born
:-) I've been snapping away ever since. It was moderatedly pricey, but not
bank breaking. In this photo I think I've set maximum zoom (x3) and manual
20cm focus and no flash. Original is 358K. I've cut it down to 29K to save
phone bills!


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