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[IPk] Leaking reservoirs

I am the proud owner of a MiniMed pump cartridge which has leaked on me...

I've taken a photo of it, and put it on my private diabetes website at


These cartridges have 2 black rubber rings, and you can see that insulin
has leaked between the 2 rings. Not good - since the pump thinks I have
received that insulin. It may have happened yesterday lunchtime when I had
some unexplained highs (a 14 and a 15). Or it may have happened this
morning when I got some no delivery alarms - while the pump was bolussing,
some insulin may have been leaking back past the black rubber ring before
it set off the alarm.

I abandoned my pump at lunch, and took my insulin by injection instead. I'm
about to replace everything - infusion set, tubing and reservoir.


PS Our website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk has gone down again this
morning. Sorry about this. We shall have to wait for California to wake up
so Michael can reset the web server computer.

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