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[IPk] Eyes and arrogance...

I quite often don't believe what people tell me till I've seen it 
myself, I think thats a defensive thing. For example I never thought the 
pump could do all the things my DSN and consultant told me, I hoped it 
would but only after having it a few weeks and seeing the reality did it 

I have met a selection of medical professionals who are very arrogant to 
the point of their own detriment, ie if you told them you could see 
perfectly but in their experience / the textbooks they have never seen 
the phenomena then it can't be true. I think this is where groups like 
this come in, as we are all at the same level, there's no one to say 
who's right and who's wrong, just our experiences.

Diane Cook
DTron  4months, Type 1 17 years.

From: "Richard Everett" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IPk] RE: eyes

Thanks for the good explanation about the effects of initial treatment on
eyesight. As far as I remember, the hospital doctors did describe the first
two parts of your explanation, but failed to identify the last part where
the lens then returns to its original shape, but then this was a while ago
What annoyed me at the time was that they dismissed my experience of near
perfect vision, because they thought it couldn't happen. Since then, I have
come to realise that this is a normal (or at least, one shared by me) human
condition, not limited to the medical profession. Certainly, I often don't
believe people's observations (such as my wife's descriptions of
misbehaviour of the car) without experiencing it myself. ... Re-reading this
last paragraph, perhaps its a male condition, rather than a human one?

Lastly, congratulations on your degree!

best regards,
Richard Everett
Type 1 28yrs d-tron 10 weeks
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