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[IPk] readings in 20s

If you hypo'd before then I'd think a rebound would be the most obvious
When I have readings this high it's often becasue either basals need a massive
tweak or air bubble/ absorption problems. I had a 28 a couple of weeks ago. 2
or 3 hours prior to this I'd been a bit high ( 11 ish) and taken a small
correction bolus, then bolused generously for large steak sandwhich, potato
wedges ( also had 2 pints of lager but don't usually need to bolus for this)

I immediately changed cannula suspecting this was the problem and squeezed the
length of the tender I had just removed, no insulin seeped out so I wonder if
I'd just missed a big air bubble. I suppose really the rule is to correct and
test until into your desired range rather than assuming a correction bolus is
going to work and stuffing your face. But I've never been perfect!
Oh and BG was around 9 3 hours later
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