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No Subject

Hi John,

despite feeling that my basal rates are set at a suitable level nowadays 
(between 0.4u at midnight to 1.3u to counter dawn phenomenon between 7-8am) 
I sometimes have to get up, or wake up, in order to give more insulin for a 
high blood sugar.  If I have BG 14 at 4am I take 2.5u to bring me down to 
around BG 8 when i wake up at 8am.

In order to improve my poor sleeping habits and my night time BG, I have 
stopped eating after 9:30pm, 3 hours before I go to bed - 3 hours before I 
take my final blood test for the day.  This has greatly helped to stabilise 
my BG, as I can make any adjustments based on my midnight BG reading safe in 
the knowledge that my BG is not still falling/rising.  As well as helping me 
to sleep on a lighter stomach (pre-pump I used always to overeat before bed 
for fear of hypos), it has improved my morning BG too.

Ice cream, cheese, crisps, nuts, chocolate, large portions of meat or other 
protein/fatty foods, and stodgy carbohydrate foods such as pasta all prolong 
high blood sugar or cause rises in the night for me.  If I eat these earlier 
(tho normally eat a lot healthier than this!) then I am able to assess what 
they have done to my BG before bed.  These may seem obvoius points, but I 
have missed them for years.....

cheers to early dinners and fantasy vanilla days




2 nights ago (basal 0.6) I woke *yet again* needing the toilet trip,
time at 4:30am. BG 12.9. Took a correction of 2.5 units, and woke at 8am

Last night I upped my basal to 0.7. I went to bed at midnight, with
chicken and potatoes inside me, and a BG 11.9 That was a bit high for my
liking, so I took a correction of 3 units (perhaps a bit much in
retrospect). I didn't wake in the night - I just had a mild hypo
and woke at 7.30 with a thumping hypo headache. Took a few glucose
and checked my BG at 7.50 It was 5.4.

There is that stupid expression the "vanilla day" where everything is
normal, no hypos, no exercise, no big meals etc when you can finely tune
your control. Excuse me! I don't remember *ever* having a vanilla day:
every day here brings its own uncertainties and drama, and that's before
even consider my diabetes.

Ah well. Here's the results for the latest 2 and bit days...

Sun 14
18:01	6.1
22:09	5.7
22:35	6.4
Mon 15
04:24	12.9
07:54	8.4
09:54	11.6
11:49	6.6
15:54	10.8
19:16	5.3
23:46	11.9
Tue 16
07:50	5.4

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