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[IPk] Re: work, irregular hours, Basal rates

Hi Abigail,

just wondering how your consultant first set your basal rates on the pump?? 
For me, the specialist nurse at Disetronic set it at 20u over 24 hours.  
This was based on a total of 40u Insulatard pre-pump, with a deduction 
allowing for better absorption with the pump, and spread over the 24 hours 
using a calculation devised by a German doctor with over 200 patients.

I have had to tweak this down to 16.6units, but it is difficult to have a 
'vanilla day' (and evening) and test all night, in  order to set these.  My 
body simply doesn't act in the same way each night.

Re: your high blood sugar - baguettes really are quite tricky in particular. 
  They tend to raise mt blood sugar very high,a dn then drop later.  I have 
to avoid the stuff now, in favour of fresh granary bread, all day, every 
day...... I know not very interesting but good for my BG.

My sister has just graduated in medecine, and the Junior House doctor years 
don't sound like a whole barrel of laughs either!!......


From: "Abigail King" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IPk] work, irregular hours etc

Oh, I forgot to mention about working patterns
When I used to work nights for a week, initially I would need less
insulin but
after 2-3 days my body would start adjusting to the shift pattern and
i'd end
up having to go back to my original  basal rate . This did not happen
when I
worked an on call rota with only one overnight every few days. Another
thing I
found while working nights and adjusting to the pump was that extra food
bolusing was not a good idea until I got the basals sorted out. I made a
reasonable guess at the carbs in a baguette but ended up 1.5 mmol 1 hour
and rebounded to 15 3 hours later/ Luckily I remained vertical and we
having a quiet phase at this time. i suppose this could simply have been
to bolusing too much at once for a large carb load that couldn't be
all at once

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