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[IPk] Pre-filled cartridge air bubble removal tip

Dear Pumpers,
I have stumbled across a method of reducing air bubbles in pump operation
that works well with pre-filled cartridges and a D-Tron:
I carry around a humapen loaded with a cartridge, just in case of pump
When its time to put a new cartridge in the pump, I put the one I've been
carrying around in the pen into the pump, and put a new cartridge in the
pen. So far, so boring, however I've discovered a little trick, which is to
screw on a pen needle onto the cartridge before I take it out of the pen,
and then dial up a dose and squirt (with the pen vertical) so that the pesky
air bubble in the cartridge is completely removed (a bit of tapping on the
side of the pen is sometimes required to persuade the bubble to rise up to
the needle).
The result of this is that there is no air at all in the cartridge when I
put it in the pump, and because it has been at room temp for several days,
no more air bubbles appear whilst its in use.

Whilst I'm on air, I'd like to say how great being on a pump has been for
the ten weeks I've had it so far. I get my HBA1c done next week, and from my
BS meter averages (4 week av. of 6.7, with av. of 12 readings a day), I'm
hoping for a good result.

Thanks to everyone on this list for their interesting contributions - I've
been lurking for over a year and picked up a lot that I've put into
practice. Thanks also to my GP and the Drs and DSNs at the Diabetic clinic
at Stepping Hill, Stockport for supporting me (and others).

dm28 dtron 10wk holiday shortly
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