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Re: [IPk] work, irregular hours etc

I've been having a nightmare of a week where control is concerned. Bouncing 
from stupidly low BG levels on several occasions to ridiculous highs, 
including high of 25 yesterday morning!
I think it's a combination of things - one night I had a lot to drink (not 
really by choice) and went very low at about 2am because I didn't reduce my 
basals enough, then overtreated the hypo and woke up at 20 the next morning. 
Another time I'd done a lot of exercise and a similar thing happened. 
Last night I took slightly too much carb before playing softball - 
anticipating a more energetic game - and was at 20 after the game had 
finished, then dropped like a stone to around 2 by midnight (then overtreated 
again and ended up high this morning).
I've also felt terrible all week - no energy, headaches etc.
I've also eaten far more wheat than I normally do. I haven't cut it out of my 
diet completely, but for the past year or so I've tried to cut down 
dramatically on wheat and it seems to make me feel much better and give me 
better BG control. This week for some reason I started slipping a bit, and it 
hasn't been helped by the fact that every time I've been hypo I've craved 
bread or toast, and happened to have a loaf in the freezer left over from 
having a friend visit.
Coincidence? I don't know.
But I'm going back on the wagon where wheat is concerned.....

> Abigail -
> I had this business of bread sometimes allowing a hypo, followed by a hyper
> some hours later. If you can predict it, and remember to split your boluses
> appropriately, great. If I use a square wave bolus on my 507, and choose to
> eat more an hour later, I can't add extra boluses on top of it while it's
> running. Not good.
> In the event, what I chose to do was cut wheat out of my diet completely -
> and it was great. It's easier than you might think. I've had a blood test
> for coeliac, and it was not diagnosed, so I'm not gluten-free. I eat rye
> bread instead of normal wheat bread at the table. And enjoy my Crunchy Nut
> Cornflakes for breakfast :-)
> John
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