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Re: [IPk] work, irregular hours etc

>Another thing I
>found while working nights and adjusting to the pump was that extra food and
>bolusing was not a good idea until I got the basals sorted out. I made a
>reasonable guess at the carbs in a baguette but ended up 1.5 mmol 1 hour after
>and rebounded to 15 3 hours later/ Luckily I remained vertical and we were
>having a quiet phase at this time. i suppose this could simply have been due
>to bolusing too much at once for a large carb load that couldn't be digested
>all at once

Abigail -

I had this business of bread sometimes allowing a hypo, followed by a hyper
some hours later. If you can predict it, and remember to split your boluses
appropriately, great. If I use a square wave bolus on my 507, and choose to
eat more an hour later, I can't add extra boluses on top of it while it's
running. Not good.

In the event, what I chose to do was cut wheat out of my diet completely -
and it was great. It's easier than you might think. I've had a blood test
for coeliac, and it was not diagnosed, so I'm not gluten-free. I eat rye
bread instead of normal wheat bread at the table. And enjoy my Crunchy Nut
Cornflakes for breakfast :-)


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