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Re: [IPk] Minimed 505

>It looks like I am about to trial a pump! After being told that it would
>be some months I have just learned that I can trial one tomorrow. Hurrah!
>It is a Minimed 505 which I guess means it is a rather dated model.  Is
>there anyone who has had any experience of this one? Is it vastly
>different to the 508? I don't think it does square wave boluses but I
>don't think I am ready for that just yet!

There's some info on the 505 at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/pumps The
505 is only sold in the UK.

As far as I know, the 505 is a stripped down 506, so they can sell it
cheaper... or am I being a cynic? The main feature missing is that you can
only have one single flat basal rate for the whole 24 hours. It is
statistically unlikely that this will give you best possible control, and
you'll end up doing correction boluses at the same time every day.

>Dawn - exhilarated and very nervous

Between placing my order and starting on the pump was the most nervous time
of my life :-)


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