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[IPk] Re: infections and blood glucose

A question:
In my nearly 5 years of diabetes, with thankfully not too many
infections and illnesses, I had come to the vague conclusion that
bacterial infections always send my blood glucose shooting up,
requiring much more insulin to control the levels, whereas viral
infections don't always have much effect on blood glucose.
Now - as I sit here after 48 hours with sore throat, slight fever,
blocked up nose, lost my voice, but low-normal blood sugars, only a few
days after my daughter had a bacterial throat infection, I wonder.....
was my nice clear-cut scientific-sounding conclusion based on too small
a sample?  is life really that simple (it rarely is!!)?
what is other people's experience?
I have made an appointment with the dr for this afternoon, so I guess I
will find out her opinion.

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