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Re: [IPk] Pump alarms

>I got my first ever alarm after 20 months on my minimed 508 pump - it was an
>E01 which I know means it all needs reset as settings and times are lost,
>but what concerns me is why it happened.  Can I lose all my settings by
>doing a bizarre sequence of button pushing?  I don't think I did that, but I
>just am not sure what I did and when, or indeed if I did anything?  Anyone
>else had this happen?

My pump error history on my MiniMed 507 over the last 4 and half years is
something like this:

First one was on a weekend, and I rang the US emergency number on the back
of my pump (818 362 5958). A US technician promptly rang me back and
explained this was a software problem that occasionally crops up when you
bolus precisely on the hour, while it's doing various internal error
checks. It's never reoccurred...

I also had a spate of E15 errors (I think they were) which caused the pump
to reset itself (and sound an alarm). I sent it back to MiniMed for
servicing (once they had sent me a replacement pump) and it was diagnosed
as the pump's 2 internal clock chips getting more than a couple of
milliseconds out of sync. In servicing it, they failed to put the casing
back together properly, so I returned it to them yet again. Since then I've
heard nothing, and remain the proud owner of a German blue 507, while they
have my older British grey 507.

There is reputedly a problem that as the weather gets warmer and damper
(British summer?) power will leak out of these small batteries, and there
ain't nothing we can do about it. This feature is well known in the
hearing-aid business. Disetronic pumps may not have this problem, as their
battery compartments are watertight (and air-tight I presume). Has the
humidity changed in the last few weeks?


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