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Re: [IPk] Re: night-time high BG's

Mary - thanks for your insights. Much appreciated.

Just to recap: last week Di politely enquired if my wife's preganancy was
adversely affecting my own diabetes control - like it did 3 years ago. In
response I'm trying to tighten up my night time BG control which has
drifted out.

2 nights ago (basal 0.6) I woke *yet again* needing the toilet trip, this
time at 4:30am. BG 12.9. Took a correction of 2.5 units, and woke at 8am BG

Last night I upped my basal to 0.7. I went to bed at midnight, with roast
chicken and potatoes inside me, and a BG 11.9 That was a bit high for my
liking, so I took a correction of 3 units (perhaps a bit much in
retrospect). I didn't wake in the night - I just had a mild hypo instead,
and woke at 7.30 with a thumping hypo headache. Took a few glucose tablets
and checked my BG at 7.50 It was 5.4.

There is that stupid expression the "vanilla day" where everything is
normal, no hypos, no exercise, no big meals etc when you can finely tune
your control. Excuse me! I don't remember *ever* having a vanilla day:
every day here brings its own uncertainties and drama, and that's before I
even consider my diabetes.

Ah well. Here's the results for the latest 2 and bit days...

Sun 14
18:01	6.1
22:09	5.7
22:35	6.4
Mon 15
04:24	12.9
07:54	8.4
09:54	11.6
11:49	6.6
15:54	10.8
19:16	5.3
23:46	11.9
Tue 16
07:50	5.4


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