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Re: [IPk] RE: Unusual hypo warning symptoms

Hello everyone

Yawning is sometimes one of my warning symptoms of hypo whether or not I feel
tired.  Sometimes overwhelming tiredness is a symptom particularly if I am
sitting down.  In the morning in bed if I am hypo I can't wake myself up ( I
am so dopey) and will remain until the phone rings or someone is at the door.
My husband is supposed to make sure I am up before he leaves because of this
but sometimes he doesn't.  Night hypos are very much are very much a feature
of my life.

One doctor I saw said he had heard of yawning being a symptom of hypo but he
didn't link this with Humalog.  I am on Humalog and Glargine but hopefully
going on a pump soon.

My pump Doctor was a little worried about the low dose of insulin I take
(about 20 units a day varies).  He was concerned that the pump only changed
doses in 0.1 units and I might need finer adjustment?   Does anyone have the
same problem and has it been a problem.  I am thinking of going on the Minimed
508 because that is the one the pump doctor is familiar with(and his team).

All the best  Heather

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From: Richard Everett
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Subject: [IPk] RE: Unusual hypo warning symptoms

> Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 08:39:20 -0700
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IPk] Unusual hypo warning symptoms
> > Has anyone out there had the same reaction to Humalog that I
> get - both previously with injection and now while pumping?
> Instead of getting sleepy with a hyper I get sleepy with a
> hypo!

Well I can get sleepy going hypo - I especially yawn a lot - this is one of
my warning signs. This has been both with Actrapid pre-pump, and Humalog

> No-one in the medical profession has ever heard of
> symptoms reversing with this type of insulin, and nothing is
> documented.

until now ...

> Also, when I very first went on insulin 11 years ago I got
> perfect vision for 2 weeks, then it quickly deteriorated back
> to needing glasses and contact lenses.

Yes, so did I! The Doctors didn't quite believe me though, and by the time I
had an eye test, the effect had worn off, so they were proved right!

best regards,
Richard Everett
Type 1 28yrs d-tron 10 weeks
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