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Re: [IPk] Programming the Pump

> Again, I think you are completely misunderstanding what I want my
> computer to do!  Nothing about imputing carbs (bolusing) at all.
> >
> >All that said, I think such tools are very useful and can help a lot 
> >in establishing and tuning basal rates. I'm very skeptical that this 
> >can or should be done "automatically". Doing it that way implies that 
> >the answers are "right" and can be trusted. That's human nature. 
> >Afterall, you know how stupid people can be at times :-)
> I think I never should have used the word 'automatically' - think
> 'without having to touch the pump', and you'll get closer to what I
> mean!

Hmmm..... maybe I have misunderstood. From the gist of your first 
post I got the impression your program wish list was to input blood 
sugar data, , carb ratios, etc.... and have a program figure out what 
the basals should be..... somehow I think that's not what you meant. 
A program to just up/download settings to the pump would do the trick 
and is available from MM as their "com station" as I understand it. 
There is a list member in France doing just that.

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