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Re: [IPk] soft-sense

I've been using the the Softclix that came with my Accu-Check Active meter.
it comes with a pack of 10 *really* nice lancets, it's not totally painless but 
it's the cloest i've come to comfortable testing. It has 11 depth settings .
The lancets it comes with are brilliant. V sharp and v thin.

No way as bad as some of the harpoon guns i was issued with when I first
became diabetic, they could be set on "painfull and not much blood" or "REALLY &*@$*&% painful and not very much blood"


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On 15/07/2002 at 00:56 J wrote:

>On 14 Jul 2002 at 19:49, Jackie Jacombs wrote:
>> I also bought a One Touch Ultra which only cost #12 pounds
>> but I used to whole tub of 10 strips it came with trying to
>> get it to work on Sasha!  I worked fine on me but left my
>> arm with small bruises.  The Ultra works by using a clear
>> plastic device on the end of the lancer  It pricks, then you
>> keep it pressed on the arm and in theory a drop of blood
>> wells up and when there is enough you just bring the strip
>> up to it. 
>We have the One Touch Ultra too. I tried the pricker that came with it on
>arm a few times and it really hurt and I didn't get enough blood. I tried
>Softclix II finger pricker that we have had from the beginning on the
>setting, hardly felt it and got enough blood! 
>It's a bit more hit and miss on Emily (aged 10) as Jackie and Andrew have 
>found. We have found that placing the clear plastic bit from the end of
>One Touch Ultra pricker around the puncture and gently press it onto 
>Emily's arm a few times seems to help. The clinic nurse suggested doing 
>this when it's on the finger pricker and it does help. 
>I think I had better look into buying another Softclix finger pricker as
>this one 
>is nearly 3 years old. Emily has tried a few different ones when we have 
>been given new meters and always finds them more painful.
>Mum to Emily aged 10, dx Oct '99
>Humalog x 3, Humalog Mix 25 x 1 
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help SUPPORT Insulin Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml