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Re: [IPk] soft-sense

>I think I had better look into buying another Softclix finger pricker as
>this one
>is nearly 3 years old. Emily has tried a few different ones when we have
>been given new meters and always finds them more painful.

I don't fully understand why, but I've always found that different finger
prickers prick me differently. The more modern ones have some damping
mechanism so the blade doesn't shake when it's in your finger - giving a
cleaner more painless cut which heals faster. So do try a selection of
prickers. In me, for my skin, the B-D one does the job best.

A few other thoughts (sorry if I sound like a DSN!)...

- Use a new lancet every day - they have a non-stick coating that wears off
- After you prick your finger, wait 5 seconds before squeezing. No idea
why, but in me the blood will then pour out.
- I often use the back of the finger below the base of the nail. Good for
hygiene (I don't open doors with the back of my fingers...)
- I like the B-D MicroFine lancets. They brought out some new ones recently
that are even finer. I got some of these and found they got blunter faster
- And do find a meter that uses the barest minimum of blood - they vary a
lot on that front too.
- And do remember that any food on the surface of your finger can rapidly
release traces of glucose into a small drop of blood. Try rubbing a glucose
tablet vigourously between 2 fingers and then measure your BG  f r o m  t h
a t  s p o t...

On the One Touch Ultra front, several weeks ago my darling 2 year old son
found mine lying around. He'd seen me use it. So he took a strip out of the
tub and put it in the meter. He then came into my study, took my hand and
pricked a finger, squeezed it, loaded the strip with blood. 5 secs later,
9.8. Astonishing :-) Should I report this untrained spontaneous act to the
Children With Diabetes website????


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