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Re: [IPk] Unusual hypo warning symptoms

I also sometimes feel sleepy when hypo - I use humalog, but have never
used any other insulin, so cannot tell if it is specific - I suspect it
is neither specific nor so very unusual, since a friend who has been
diabetic for 30 years and does not use humalog finds that sleepiness
has been her predominant symptom of hypos for years.
If I get hypo while in a car or bus, I also tend to feel nauseous -
sort of travel sickness feeling - as one of the first symptoms of the
hypo - also something that classically is associated more with hyper. 
When hyper, my most obvious symptom is that my eyes feel hot and
prickly, but often I have no noticeable symptoms of being hyper -
indeed sometimes even a sort of feeling of well-being.
I think this is one of many examples where you discover much more about
what diabetics commonly experience by talking to fellow diabetics than
from the medical profession.

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IPk] Unusual hypo warning symptoms
> Has anyone out there had the same reaction to Humalog that I get -
> both previously with injection and now while pumping?  Instead of
> getting sleepy with a hyper I get sleepy with a hypo!  No-one in the
> medical profession has ever heard of symptoms reversing with this
> type of insulin, and nothing is documented.
> Also, when I very first went on insulin 11 years ago I got perfect
> vision for 2 weeks, then it quickly deteriorated back to needing
> glasses and contact lenses.  Again, there is no documentation of this
> having happened before, which of course does not mean no-one else has
> had this happen to them.  I am also very sensitive to changes in
> basal rates, so could be termed 'brittle'.  
> I have a Medisense 508, and have had huge problems with TNT delivery
> - they said my house did not exist, and eventually had to subcontract
> out a delivery to get two parcels to me this week ( my house is 8
> years old).
> Anyone any comments?

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