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Re: [IPk] Re: night-time high BG's

Latest update...

Had to eat late last night - 21:30ish.

Went to bed at 22:45 feeling very tired, still on a basal of 0.5

Woke at 05:30 bursting to have a pee. BG 14.0. Hey ho. Guess I'll raise my
basal tonight to 0.6. It *could* have been an under-bolus for last night's
dinner. I don't know. (Fried smoked black pudding with potatoes.) More
likely it was both acting together. I took 3 units as a correction, and
woke at 08:30 with a BG of 7.0

Can lacking 0.1 units an hour really cause crazy fluctuations in the BG? I
don't see how. 0.1 units would normally shift my BG by 0.25 mmol/L. Barely
measurable. And over a whole night that would only be 2 mmol/L.

The rest of the night:

22:05 6.4
05:24 14.0 - took 3 units correction
08:27 7.0
09:39 10.6
11:25 3.0
13:36 4.3

I don't necessarily believe my BG rose steadily from 10pm to 5:30am (6.4 to
14.0). Surely there was other funny business going on too...

If anyone wants to see all my BG results, I upload them periodically to:



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