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Re: [IPk] Programming the Pump

> >>http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto.shtml
> >>"Insulin Pumpers Basal Rate Estimator"
> >The HOWTO simulator is setup by the user :-) and has a BIG
> >disclaimer. I've found it to be quite accurate for Lily even though
> >it is "generic" and is adjustable for each person by setting
> >bg/insulin ratio and the type of insulin (sorry, US units).
> You've lost me there... If I input my insulin sensitivity in mmol/L
> per unit (rather than mg/dL per unit), and input my BGs in mmol/L
> (rather than mg/dL), shouldn't the output (which is insulin units
> per hour) be blind to the BG unit? Or have I missed something?
> John

no, the scale factors for the graphic output are static. The units 
have to be US or the cutoffs will prevent the program from 
functioning. I don't remember the exact numbers, but it is bound by 
something like 40 - 190 so that really bad data can't be entered and 
used to tweak basals.

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