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Re: [IPk] Programming the Pump

> Michael,
> I think you misunderstand what this programme I imagine will do: it
> will only 'set the basal rates' as much as I do now.  No more, no
> less.  How can that be playing doctor?  It's kind of like the
> difference between having a computer automatically dial a modem and
> having to push the phone keys oneself. 

If it sets basals automatically then it is playing doctor.
It's OK if you do it yourself with your own program, but if it were 
available from a third party for "automatic" programing of basal 
rates and the user "trusted" it to do the right thing then there 
would be big legal problems eventually.

> The 'drag the curve' feature I virtually have now, anyway: I have an
> lotus.123 spreadsheet which I have my numbers in, and when I want to
> change my basal rates, I change the numbers in it until I see the
> curve I want, and then push the buttons to get that.
> I've not seen the HOWTO simulator, but guess, as you say, that it
> will be less accurate than my spreadsheet, which is tailored to my
> absorption pattern.  

The HOWTO simulator is setup by the user :-) and has a BIG 
disclaimer. I've found it to be quite accurate for Lily even though 
it is "generic" and is adjustable for each person by setting 
bg/insulin ratio and the type of insulin (sorry, US units).

The operating range is quite small around the existing basal rates. 
If the basals are not completely out of whack, it will do a pretty 
good prediction of where they will look like if the are changed. The 
Existing basals and altered basals are taken as input data and the 
results are plotted immediately.


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