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Re: [IPk] Re: night-time high BG's

>Looks like the ice cream may have been at fault :-(

I starved myself after 8pm last night :-( Julia had been in Zurich all day,
and got back at 11pm. With her eating habits deranged by her pregnancy, she
promptly sat down and scoffed two large bowls of icecream...

Back to my BGs.

Overnight basal 00:00-08:00 still 0.5

22:43 5.2
04:58 9.6
06:59 10.9
07:36 11.2

Now that *looks* fixable, with an overnight basal perhaps of 0.6 or even
0.7. But I'll keep it at 0.5 tonight as I prefer 2 days of info for

Di - I happened to be looking at your Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
test you did last year - http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/cgmstest - and
it's interesting how randomly it goes up and down, particularly on the 2nd
night. This spikiness makes me suspicious of these overnight spot tests,
like what I did last night. Hmmm.


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