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Re: [IPk] Medtronic info

Hi donald,

I think they sent that to all of us.  Not very helpful, is it! - they
don't say _why_ you would want to contact any of them, how to order, out
of hours or anything!

Best wishes,


In message <email @ redacted>, Donald O' Donnell
<email @ redacted> writes
>Medtronic information that i have is,
>their team consists of,
>Morag McLaren, Business Manager - European Office
>Tel: 01372 278945,Fax: 01372 278976, New e-Mail email @ redacted
>Julia Shaw, Senior Marketing Assistant - European Office
>Hannah Dickinson, Clinical and Technical Specialist - Watford Office
>Yolandi Punshon,Customer Services and Sales -Watford Office
>Susan Judge, Diabetes Specialist Nurse
>Paula Lemoignan, Diabetes Specialist Nurse
>Sarah Davis, Clinical Nurse Specialist
>Ian Tilly, Glucose Senor Technical Support
>Jill Jones, Clinical Nurse Specialist
>Customer Service:
>Tel: 01923 205167
>Fax: 01323 229270
>E-Mail email @ redacted
>Hope this helps some of you, just a little bit of other information more
>After conferring how I was going to order from Medtronic they sent me a form
>to fill out so that I do not have to pay tax, make sure you don't pay it.
>Regards Donald
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Pat Reynolds
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