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Re: [IPk] Disaster

In reply to John - I thought I'd said I was on the phone to them while I
was typing!

Medtronic were overloaded with faults yesterday morning.  They seem very
bad at calling back, and eventually I just sat waiting for someone to
become free.  The annoying thing was, I'd spoken to her the day before,
and she'd said if it did it again, they wanted mine back and would send
me a replacement.  So all I needed to do was speak to an administrator,
and say 'send me a pump!'.  But they don't seem to have a message
tracking system in place, so I had to go through and speak to the tech
person again.

The letter which I imagine we have all received from Medtronic only
gives a single 'customer services' number, not a separate emergency
number.  Is there an emergency number?  If so, why were customers not
given this number?

Since three of us have found that the 'customer services' don't return
phone calls, I am beginning to think that this _is_ perhaps a little
more than coincidence - could others with emergencies over the next week
or so note the response and post it to this list?  Between us, I think
we have a Big Voice and can get them to change, should they need to!

Could someone from Medtronic explain to us their perception of this

And, from the other side:
In message <email @ redacted>
, Disetronic Info <email @ redacted> writes
>We also have an agreement with a large national courier who
>operate a 24hour delivery service door to door should you need it.

The trouble is, for a pumper, this really isn't good enough.  A 4 hour
replacement's what's really needed! 

That's just a grumble at not being able to go and do research today
because I'm having to wait in to get my replacement pump.  Mind you, I
knew I needed a replacement pump at 7am _yesterday_ morning - but since
the office didn't open until 9, I'm having to wait more than 24 hrs for
my replacement!

Best wishes to all,

(who would rather be looking at buildings than going through back-emails
and tidying her study ...)

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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