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[IPk] Re: night-time high BG's


I would second the advice Di has given you - very sound.  I have problems 
with high and low BG's during the night.  If you are going to change your 
basal rate, it is wise to only adjust by a small amount at a 
time(remembering that the dose that went into you two hours ago causes the 
current BG, with Humalog).

I too have found that restricting carb intake before I go to bed gives me 
better night time/morning BG's.  Ideally I will eat 3 hours before sleeping. 
My BG result just before bed should then(in theory.... if the basal rate is 
set correctly)  be similar to the one I wake up with i.e. you don't want a 
falling/rising blood sugar as you sleep - hard to predict surplus insulin 
requirements and therefore hypo/nasty high BG's all night will ensue.

In practise I often become hungry after dinner, eat before bed, take insulin 
for this, which inevitably doesn't match (and I can't take blood tests in my 
sleep, not regularly anyway), and have a high BG in the morning, which for 
me is better than that DULL, THUNPING post-hypo headache I can wake up with.

Hope this helps........



Hi John
I'd go for the suspending diabetes option :-)
Probably the only way is to set your alarm and do the dreaded 3am
Might also be worth being very careful about what you eat in the evening
before bed.
I get much more predictable nighttime BGs by restricting my carb intake
much as possible) in the evening.

>Thank you for remembering that Dr Di :-) My BGs have indeed been
playing up
>in the last couple of weeks. Last night was a classic: sensible meal
in the
>evening. In bed before midnight. Middle of night: mild hypo and
>BG 4.7. Couple of glucose tablets and kicked son out of my bed. A few
>later headache even worse, and BG 4.2. Ate a little sugar and back to
>This morning BG 15.6. Sheesh. I guess it's a rebound. Last week I was
>waking regularly in the night to go to the loo with a very high BG. I
>I'm chasing a moving target. Where do I go from here? Do I back off
>24hrs while my body settles down again? Do I cut my overnight basal
>slightly tonight, or do I just have a bowl of cereal before bed?
>Or should I suspend my diabetes for a while? ;-(

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