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Re: [IPk] night time BGs

>I'd go for the suspending diabetes option :-)

>From what I hear, I believe it's only adolescents who are allowed to
suspend their diabetes for a few days... before being rescusitated in
hospital. But I'm sure no one here ever did that...

>Probably the only way is to set your alarm and do the dreaded 3am

That's more-or-less what happened. I'd cut my overnight basal from a steady
0.6 to a steady 0.5. Normally 1 unit lowers my BG by 2.5. So from midnight
till 8am, losing 0.1 units an hour would mean I had lost 0.8 units - so at
worst my BG would rise by about 2 mmol/L.

In fact I went to bed 23:30. BG 6.4. Woke at 3am bursting to have a pee. BG
12.1. I took a modest one unit correction bolus. (I would normally have
taken at least 2 units.) Then woke at 8am with a BG of 13.1. Crikey - I'm
going round in circles here.

>Might also be worth being very careful about what you eat in the
>evening before bed.
>I get much more predictable nighttime BGs by restricting my carb intake
>(as much as possible) in the evening.

While I think about it, the last 2 nights I have enjoyed plenty of ice
cream. Bog standard stuff. It does have a reputation for hitting *many*
hours later. I wonder if that is contributing to my over night problems?

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