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[IPk] Teacher not too happy today

Hello everyone

I am sure I will get a lot of response from this posting especially from 
parents of diabetic children.  Well today is the day when the year 3 children 
go for a swimming lesson by coach about 25 minutes away from the school so I 
always go in to test Danielle's blood before she goes and always give her 
something extra in her lunch box to cover the exercise.  I agreed to go to 
school at 12.30 pm and when I got there I was surprised to find Danielle 
sitting with a teacher and her classmate with the lid off the emergency box 
which contains mini crunchies, lucozade tablets and digestive biscuits etc.  
The surprise was because, first, it was raining so there was no outside 
playing and this usually keeps Danielle's sugars on the high side and, 
second, she had eaten all her lunch so I wondered what was going on.

The teacher said that Danielle had gone to one of the dinner ladies and told 
her she was feeling low and the dinner lady asked her if she knew what she 
was supposed to do when she is low and her friend spoke for her to say that 
they need to get the medical box.  The dinner lady told Danielle to go and 
get it but it wasn't where it should be, so she walked all the way back 
across the school to tell the dinner lady that it wasn't there.  Luckily her 
friend had found the teacher and she got the other emergency box (we have 2 
in the school).  I thought she still looked a bit dazed and tested her blood. 
 It was 5.2.  She had a mini crunchie and 2 digestive biscuits as the 
children were all lining up to go on the coach.  I was far too concerned to 
allow Danielle to go swimming but she was getting very upset so I made a deal 
with her.  I told her to take the blood test meter with her and test her 
blood before she gets in the pool and if it was below 10 mmols then she 
mustn't get in the pool.

I walked over to the teacher and said "Danielle has got her meter with her 
and she knows how to test her own blood but I don't want her getting into the 
pool if she is below 10".  I'm sorry for the extra burden, but we seem to be 
having a few lows lately".  She replied "Well yes it is a burden because I 
have 35 children to look after".

I'm gob-smacked (can't think of any other way to describe it at the moment).  

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