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Re: [IPk] night time BGs

Hi John
I'd go for the suspending diabetes option :-)
Probably the only way is to set your alarm and do the dreaded 3am tests.....
Might also be worth being very careful about what you eat in the evening 
before bed.
I get much more predictable nighttime BGs by restricting my carb intake (as 
much as possible) in the evening.

> Thank you for remembering that Dr Di :-) My BGs have indeed been playing up
> in the last couple of weeks. Last night was a classic: sensible meal in the
> evening. In bed before midnight. Middle of night: mild hypo and headache.
> BG 4.7. Couple of glucose tablets and kicked son out of my bed. A few hours
> later headache even worse, and BG 4.2. Ate a little sugar and back to bed.
> This morning BG 15.6. Sheesh. I guess it's a rebound. Last week I was
> waking regularly in the night to go to the loo with a very high BG. I feel
> I'm chasing a moving target. Where do I go from here? Do I back off for
> 24hrs while my body settles down again? Do I cut my overnight basal
> slightly tonight, or do I just have a bowl of cereal before bed?
> Or should I suspend my diabetes for a while? ;-(
> John
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