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Re: [IPk] Disaster

Hi Bev, 

Currently hanign on the phone, waiting to talk to customer support ...

My pump failed yesterday morning (Error 07) and then again before I could get to the phone (Error 01).  This morning it failed giving breakfast bolus (Error 01), and then again (Error 07 again ...).  They said yesterday it might be static.  Are we in the middle of a solar whatsit at the moment?  One of the early pumps failed because the wearer touched a van der graf generator, so I wonder ...

Anyway, when one has 12-step basals, and three basal patterns, this just isn't funny!

Am currently just setting the temp basal every couple of hours ....

Best wishes,

dm 30+, 508 1+, pump failure the first.
email @ redacted wrote:
> Well how is this for a lucky escape.  I have just returned
> from a field trip to the Isle of Wight (something geologists
> do I'm afraid - look at rocks all day and get drunk all
> night!).  We arrived at our hotel at about 5:30 pm on Monday
> and feeling hungry I was about to tuck into the biscuits on
> offer with the tea and coffee in my room when I realised that
> my pump (508 10 months old) was not working properly.  Every
> time I pressed a button it went dead and then started up as
> if I was changing the batteries!  I couldn't do a self test
> or anything.  I waited to hear it click so that I could check
> it was still delivering the basal rates and it was so I went
> to get my spare bottle of humalog out.  I figured that this
> was not a complete disaster as I could just bolus manually.
> The came the second problem, I dropped the bottle on the
> floor and smashed it!(only the 3rd time in 25 yrs of being
> diabetic).  Things now started to look a little tricky.  I
> hunted around in the hotel literature and got the medical
> centre number and phoned them.  It was now 5:55 pm and it was
> explained that they shut in 5 minutes.  I spoke to a very
> nice nurse who saud that she would go the pharmacy (as they
> also shut in 5 minutes) with an emergency prescription if I
> could get down to the medical centre in 5 minutes to sign the
> forms.  Well this was where being fit came into its own!  I
> went to reception, grabbed a map and sprinted the 3/4 of a
> mile into town, kissed the nurse and the bottle of humalog
> and sprinted back!
> I was SO lucky!  I did not want to have to find one of my
> colleagues to give me a lift to the island hospital (I didn't
> take my car).  They know I am diabetic but don't think its
> any big deal.  I want to keep their perception that way!
> Anyway that worked fine, not easy bolusing small amounts
> manually even with a 0.5 ml syringe but I was fine.  Pump
> still not working properly - can't use any buttons.  I phoned
> Meditronic last night on the 24 hr number and had to give all
> my details but no-one phoned back.  They didn't seem to know
> anything about pumps.  I will phone customer support this
> morning and hopefully they will be able to fix it quickly for
> me.
> Bev
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