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Re: [IPk] Weight versus insulin

Hello Pat

You wrote:-

Sounds like a classic case of starvation - just give her more food, and
more insulin to cover it!  Or is it that she says she's 'full' and won't
eat any more?   (Sorry, I'm struggling to get my head round what the
problem is here!)

What it is, she does get full after a meal but within 15 minutes she is 
asking for more food.  She can eat all day and she will never admit to being 
satisfied.  I think it is psychological because she has to eat by the clock 
doesn't she?  Before she was diabetic, she was never like this and I think 
things will calm down when she goes on the pump because she will be able to 
bolus for food taken extra to mealtimes.

On the party, another scenario is that the savoury food was low carb
(i.e. most of its calories came from fat and protein), and she went
hypo, then, rebounding, with the fat coming in, she exercised, pushing
it up still further.  Did she say she'd eaten sweet stuff - if she says
she didn't, then I'd believe her!  

She did tell me she ate sweet biscuits and smarties but she said they were on 
the table and she was dying for them.  I am going to stay at the next party 
like I used to when she was younger.  

She was so upset after the party because I was annoyed with her (which I 
later regretted) because she was too thirsty and going to the loo and wanting 
to go to sleep, etc.  I asked her if those sweet things were worth all this 
and she said that she would never ever do it again.  I don't keep all sweet 
things away from her and she knows she can have some depending on her 
activity and what her blood sugar is.  I think she thought that with it being 
a sporty party that the sweet things would balance out.  She's meeting Gareth 
Gates on Saturday and a few other bands so I am sure the eating will take a 
back seat and I will be having to remind her rather than the other way 

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