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[IPk] Strange carb experiences

So I made a salad, and the salad had greens, and cheese, and a few flowers. 
And it took _4_ units of insulin, where 1 unit = 16g.

I've checked the USDA database, but they don't give carb values for 
nasturtium and sage flowers. They _do_ give values for sesbania flower 
(lovely looking), which is 6.7g per flower! If the nasturtiums are roughly 
similar in value, and I ate 4, that would be 26.8, or 1.7units. I have 
considered that rocket might have more carb, but I'm sceptical.

Does anyone here know anything about the carb values of flowers? Seeing as 
they are now popular in trendy restaurants, it's not a bad thing to know. 
BTW, my kitchen and garden is _anything_ but trendy.


Grain is the enemy of the sedentary classes.

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