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Re: [IPk] Weight versus insulin

Hi Barbara,  

Sounds like a classic case of starvation - just give her more food, and
more insulin to cover it!  Or is it that she says she's 'full' and won't
eat any more?   (Sorry, I'm struggling to get my head round what the
problem is here!)

On the party, another scenario is that the savoury food was low carb
(i.e. most of its calories came from fat and protein), and she went
hypo, then, rebounding, with the fat coming in, she exercised, pushing
it up still further.  Did she say she'd eaten sweet stuff - if she says
she didn't, then I'd believe her!  

How long do parties last?  If you measure her bg when you drop her and
when you pick her up (and then every hour) I shouldn't think it would
have chance to go far wrong - and she's young, and they say the body
tolerates at that age - she will soon be old enough to measure her own
bgs, so _that_ problem will go away!

With best wishes,


dm 30+, 508 1+, 

In message <email @ redacted>, email @ redacted writes
>Hello Pat
>You wrote:-
>Hunger is a symptom of insufficient insulin, as well as of insufficient
>food - do you know which it is, in her case?  Is she supposed to be
>loosing weight?
>No, Danielle is considered underweight for her height.  She has just turned 8 
>years old and she is 4' 6" and 4 st 4lbs.  This is what she was at the last 
>clinic appointment but last week she went up to 4 st 7 lbs and within the 
>last 2 days has dropped to 4 st 5.5 lbs.  She has 15 units of Mixtard 40 in 
>the morning and 5 units of Mixtard 40 in the evening but she goes too low 
>overnight.  I have to check her at 11 pm and then at 4 am.  She is always 3 
>or 4 when she gets up in the morning even if I reduce her evening dose to 3 
>or 4.
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
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