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Insulin Pens and syringes WASRe: [IPk] Replacement meter

Hi Barbara

I am really sorry to hear about your husband friend.  Motor Neurone disease is
a terrible, devastating condition.  It is so difficult to find positive things
to say about this diagnosis
Your husband must be shocked.   His friend's family will need a lot of

Syringes and Pens:

I forgot that you had syringes.  We haven't got any syringes.  Well, only one
old one, still in a sealed pkt that we were given to give a unit of Actrapid
when the Hospital wouldn't prescribe us any but use to give a some in a glass
vial to use "if necessary".
This was two years ago.  Do you use pens for yourself and Danielle or syringes
or both??  I use the half unit pens all the time.  Often two units will be too
much but one and a half just right.  Or when I am increasing the dose I like
to increase in half units.  I makes a really big difference to Sasha.

What insulin do you take, if you dont mind me asking and if you've told me
before I am sorry.  It must be old age, and spending too much time on this

really sorry about your friend.

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> Hello Jackie
> No I haven't got a 1/2 unit pen.  I didn't know they did one.  If I was
> to give 1/2 a unit, I would use a 0.3 ml syringe.
> Do you know, I have been feeling sorry for myself all day today and trying
> get to grips with the school and making an appointment to see the teacher
> next year, etc etc and my husband came in from work in tears.  Our friend
> (his workmate) found out he had Motor Neurone disease last night.  We can't
> believe it; he is a big strong man!!!!!
> We are a bit numb tonight to say the least.  I just came on here to look at
> what it is exactly and thought I would look at my emails as well.  I think
> have to be thankful that we have the medication for diabetes and that there
> are worse diseases out there.
> Barbara
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