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Re: [IPk] Replacement meter

Hi John
I did something similar with my Esprit last year, except that I was balancing 
the meter on my lap while testing in the middle of a dance class, and I 
dropped the thing and broke the slidey thing.
I rang Bayer and told them my slidey thing was broken (OK, I lied and said I 
just banged it a bit, rather than telling them I dropped it on a hard floor!) 
and they sent me a new one the next day. I didn't expect them to but it was 
worth a try! I think the slidey thing is quite easy to break (3 have broken 
in about 3 years, though only one of them was my fault!), but then I've 
dropped it on the floor quite a few times, so I suppose it's not too bad!

Glad you have a friendly GP at least!
And congratulations on the pregnancy (or rather, your wife's!)
I seem to remember last time she was pregnant your BGs did strange and 
unnatural things?

On Tuesday 09 July 2002 13:52, you wrote:
> Phew!
> Yesterday my 2-year-old son very graciously hurled my Bayer Esprit across
> the room, when it looked like I wasn't going to take him out for a walk.
> Fair game I suppose. Then I found the slidey mechanism for ejecting strips
> had become well and truly bust. I took the damn thing apart, and was faced
> with 20 pieces on the kitchen table which I couldn't put back together
> again :-/
> I'm in Bayreuth for the summer, and I fished out my backup meter which I
> rarely use - it's a OneTouch Ultra. I then got the box of strips out of the
> cupboard, only to find I had brought its box of lancets instead. Oh dear.
> So I was onto my backup-backup-strips: a 3 years out of date tub of
> BM-Test. Ah well.
> I rather sheepishly went to the local GP this morning, pleading my
> misfortune. He gave me a prescription for a new meter, which I duely
> collected from the chemist round the corner.
> So all is well once again :-)
> Oh - and my wife is pregnant. So lots more fun ahead of us!!!
> John
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