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Re: [IPk] Weight versus insulin

Hi Barbara
I think one of the most important things to remember is that you should never 
compare how much insulin people take. It's dependent on all kinds of things, 
not just body weight. If you need more or less insulin than the "average" for 
your body weight, then you should take it. In my opinion the consultant is 
completely wrong to have her on a fixed amount of insulin for her weight.
If she is always hungry and her BG levels are good, then that suggests she 
shold take more insulin and eat more (assuming she's not overweight, which it 
sounds like she isn't!).

On Saturday 06 July 2002 19:38, you wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I was told my Danielle's consultant that she was on the right amount of
> insulin for her weight.  She is 28.8 kgs (4 stones 7 lbs).  She is on 20
> units per day of Mixtard 40.  Looking at other peoples' insulin dosages, it
> sounds on the low side.  What do you think everyone?
> She is always starving hungry and I can't seem to satisfy her.
> Barbara
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