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[IPk] Re: Danielle went to a party today and it was a nightmare

Hi Barbara

Yes, I  remember parties like this!  I suddenly when your child is diabetic
there are all these gooey cakes with  four layers of icing etc.  Fortunately
the parties we have usually attended seemed to be sports type parties where a
hot meal is on offer, although may be not anymore healthy because they are
usually chips and nuggets or sausages etc.  We now have to have our own GF

I usually stay at most parties as it is usually a time when Sasha needs an

I think kids lose track of how much they do eat and after all if you actually
look at the carb count most savoury biscuits are  very much the same carb
count as sweet ones.  So it may be even she just ate mostly the savoury stuff
she would have been high.  Sasha sometimes goes high at parties due to the
excitement.  We went to one at an indoor soft play area with massive
undulating slides and drop slides.  She played for an hour and came back to
eat and I took her bg and it was 18 mmols.

Other times she will be low.   I do hate it when we get loads of sweets in
party bags.  I always feel wicked when I try to take them away.  I used to
make my older kids save them for another day.  What I used to do with the
twins was to give them money for their money box and put the sweets in an old
cake tin (then I eat them later!!!  no, not really, sometimes I do have the
odd two or three).
Now of course it's a problem because a lot of sweets aren't gf.  Smarties have
wheat flour in!!!!
So its a  double blow when they get sweets.  I think people put sweets in
because they are cheap.  I did party bags for the twin's parties and if you
have 20 kids or so to a big party and buy something for a pound each party
bag, that adds another #20 pounds on the party bill.

The Sasha was in hospital just before Christmas once and while they were there
there was a competition to design a Christmas Card to be published and sold
for the hospital charity.  Both the twins entered and Beckie, who is good at
art won a prize.  We went to collect it and of course it was a huge box of
chocolates!!!  Sasha and Beckie were a bit miffed as they knew that they would
be  rationed.  Its not the same just having one or two when your mum says.

I also have a friend who live opposite and every year she gives the twins
sweets for their birthday. It sort of the opposite of people who think
diabetics should never eat a piece of cake or chocolate!!!

If the party is over the lunch time I can never cover the food on her usual
insulin.  I remember once when we went to Centre Parcs a few months after DX.
We arrived at about 12.00 and had lunch at one of the American style
restaurants and Sasha probably had something like chicken nuggets, chips and
beans.  Later on towards teatime I took her blood sugar and it was 32 !!!!
talk about panicking!!!
We phone our D nurse on her mobile but couldn't get hold of her.  Sasha seemed
just fine.  It was just this week when Sasha was coming out of the honeymoon
period too.  I was shocked that because she had been sat in a car for 2 hours
then had a slightly bigger lunch that it would go up this high.

I am assuming that this was a lunchtime event as you don't mention an
injection.  I don't think she would have to eat much over normal to get these
figures.  If Sasha does have a lunchtime party I stay now and give her insulin
with the food.  Short acting, only a unit or unit and a half is enough to stop
it going to high I don't want to overdo it.  I must admit I do  get fed up
having to go to every party!!!  It takes 3 hours or more out of the day.
tomorrow they have a party at Fundays which is about 30 minutes drive away and
it's at lunch time.  She will need to eat her packed lunch first as its at
12.00 and the other kids wont be eating until 1.30pm.  They will be having
chips etc and she and Beckie have their own gf food  (I bought Harry Potter
card board party boxes to put their food in.  They will be running around so
much that I have to be there as she might go low and I know that the mother of
the party girl will panic.

I get the situation when its a wet day and the kids are in all the time Sasha
comes home really high high.

Jeff Hitchcock, who created and runs the Children with diabetes web site said
that you should never look at the blood sugar levels as "good" or "bad" but
just as numbers.  High numbers just mean that you need more insulin, low
number something to eat or too much insulin.  He said to try not to be
judgemental as it will only lead to children feeling that they have done
something wrong and when they are older they will not tell you things if they
think you are going to blame them.  I know it's very hard to do this and I
still say things like "well that's good"  and "Oh dear" or such like when they
are high.  Numbers are numbers not good or bad but high, low and in range.  I
still have to bite my lip at times and just say "Oh that's a bit high!!!, what
do you think we should do? ......... in a squeaky voice trying not to to be

Of course Barbara you will have been through all this yourself as a child or
young person with diabetes, can you remember what you did, or didnt do and
what helped and what didnt.

You cant rant away all you like that's what we are hear for.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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> Hello everyone
> Well, Danielle promised me she would not eat lots of sweet things and that
> she would go for the savoury food (which she does love) but she went to her
> friend's party today and it was the worst nightmare ever!
> I took her and then asked the little girl if I could talk to her mum.  Mum
> came out and I said "You know Danielle's diabetic don't you?" and she said
> "Yes, and I have lots of savoury things and some sweet things and I know she
> can't have the sweet things so I will keep my eye on her".  I said "Well,
> can have some sweet things but not too much and I will check her blood later
> and I can adjust it to suit."
> The thing is, this party was a 'commonwealth games' party and they were
> running, skipping and playing on the bouncy castle so I thought that the odd
> cake would go amiss with all the excercise.  How wrong I was!!!!!
> I picked Danielle up from the party and asked her to say thankyou to the mum
> and the basket was offered to her.  "Here you are Danielle, take something
> for being so good at the sports".  The choice was lollipops or jelly tots so
> I said "Oh, it's ok, Danielle has got a party bag full of things so she
> doesn't need any more, but thankyou.  Say thankyou, Danielle love"
> The party bag consisted of lollipops, jelly tots, chocolate and cake.  I
> never used to give those things as party bags even when Danielle wasn't
> diabetic so I was quite shocked.  I hope nobody takes offence with this.
> I had to collect something straight after the party, so we had a 20-mile
> journey to do and all the way, Danielle was dying for a drink and also for
> the toilet.  I could tell by her face that she was high.  Two hours later
> when we got home, I tested her blood and she was more than 35!!!  I have had
> a talk to her about how her body can't work properly if her blood sugar is
> high and how I thought I could trust her not to eat the sweet things without
> asking me first and she has promised (once again) never to do that.  She's
> got an invitation to another party next week and I have asked her how she
> would feel if she didn't go to the party but she started crying.  I am
> gutted, honest.  I cry all the time because she has to go through all this.
> Thing is, I have tried to make her life as normal as I can by allowing her
> have sweet things when she is active and her blood sugars are low but I need
> her to know that she can't do that when she isn't low.
> She has promised me that she will not take anything at all that is sweet at
> the next party.  I know it's awful for her, but I have to go along with
>  The problem is that when they say that there is going to be a lot of
> around, I then say it's ok for her to have something sweet and then I find
> out that it has not been as active as I thought.  I just don't seem to be
> able to win at the moment.
> Yesterday was games day at school but it was raining so they stayed in all
> play times and never had games either.  She came home at 28.5 and I had to
> give extra insulin to cover the 'high'.  She then dropped so fast that I
> couldn't damn well keep the sugar up!
> I'm sorry for going on and on, but I am so annoyed and frustrated at the
> moment.
> Barbara
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