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[IPk] Danielle went to a party today and it was a nightmare

Hello everyone

Well, Danielle promised me she would not eat lots of sweet things and that 
she would go for the savoury food (which she does love) but she went to her 
friend's party today and it was the worst nightmare ever! 

I took her and then asked the little girl if I could talk to her mum.  Mum 
came out and I said "You know Danielle's diabetic don't you?" and she said 
"Yes, and I have lots of savoury things and some sweet things and I know she 
can't have the sweet things so I will keep my eye on her".  I said "Well, she 
can have some sweet things but not too much and I will check her blood later 
and I can adjust it to suit."  

The thing is, this party was a 'commonwealth games' party and they were 
running, skipping and playing on the bouncy castle so I thought that the odd 
cake would go amiss with all the excercise.  How wrong I was!!!!!

I picked Danielle up from the party and asked her to say thankyou to the mum 
and the basket was offered to her.  "Here you are Danielle, take something 
for being so good at the sports".  The choice was lollipops or jelly tots so 
I said "Oh, it's ok, Danielle has got a party bag full of things so she 
doesn't need any more, but thankyou.  Say thankyou, Danielle love"

The party bag consisted of lollipops, jelly tots, chocolate and cake.  I 
never used to give those things as party bags even when Danielle wasn't 
diabetic so I was quite shocked.  I hope nobody takes offence with this.

I had to collect something straight after the party, so we had a 20-mile 
journey to do and all the way, Danielle was dying for a drink and also for 
the toilet.  I could tell by her face that she was high.  Two hours later 
when we got home, I tested her blood and she was more than 35!!!  I have had 
a talk to her about how her body can't work properly if her blood sugar is so 
high and how I thought I could trust her not to eat the sweet things without 
asking me first and she has promised (once again) never to do that.  She's 
got an invitation to another party next week and I have asked her how she 
would feel if she didn't go to the party but she started crying.  I am 
gutted, honest.  I cry all the time because she has to go through all this.  
Thing is, I have tried to make her life as normal as I can by allowing her to 
have sweet things when she is active and her blood sugars are low but I need 
her to know that she can't do that when she isn't low.

She has promised me that she will not take anything at all that is sweet at 
the next party.  I know it's awful for her, but I have to go along with that. 
 The problem is that when they say that there is going to be a lot of running 
around, I then say it's ok for her to have something sweet and then I find 
out that it has not been as active as I thought.  I just don't seem to be 
able to win at the moment.

Yesterday was games day at school but it was raining so they stayed in all 
play times and never had games either.  She came home at 28.5 and I had to 
give extra insulin to cover the 'high'.  She then dropped so fast that I 
couldn't damn well keep the sugar up!

I'm sorry for going on and on, but I am so annoyed and frustrated at the 

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