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Re: [IPk] Video tape from the Diabetes Federation of Ireland

Hi Jackie
I do remember you telling us about it now (sorry, brain like a sieve!).
It's always worth asking if you can check the article before they publish it, 
to make sure they haven't made any errors.

On Thursday 04 July 2002 15:17, you wrote:
> Well, it wasn't anything very special, you know what Woman and Woman's Own
> are like.  I was asked by Diabetes UK to talk to the health editor.  To be
> fair she did know quite a lot about diabetes. Didn't say anything like,
> will  Sasha will grown out of it! or anything and wasn't shocked that she
> had injections, I have had some people who are amazed by this!!   I said I
> would draft something down and send it so that she had all the information
> to hand.  I felt better for having written down some facts rather than
> chatting over the phone. I knew that it was only going to be a brief
> article along with some stuff about type 2 but I didn't want it to be
> confused.  The article was ok but not very well titled.  I think it said
> something like "Could you or your child have diabetes and what you can do
> to prevent it" .  Not sure now, as I haven't had time with sick cats,
> decorating and things to have a proper read of it.  I did make it clear
> somewhere the differences between type 1 and 2 and the different
> treatments.  The whole page had little columns and items but all under the
> one heading.  I dont think there was anything that was totally incorrect. I
> must have another look.
> I did give her links to various web sites and on line support groups too
> but none of that made it in the article.  Just DUK and JDRF
> Jackie
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