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Re: [IPk] Video tape from the Diabetes Federation of Ireland

Hi Jackie
I know what you mean about getting to the point where you don't realise 
you're low. I've been there too. I'm glad a friend was able to tell the 
teacher about her being low.

The easiest thing would be to just stitch a patchpocket on the inside (that 
way you wouldn't see it and things would be less likely to fall out).

If you don't know what I mean, think of the breast pockets you have on men's 
shirts. You stitch one like that to the inside of the trouser (in the place 
where a pocket  would normally be). 
Our school skirts always had pockets, so it was never a problem for me. And 
we always had a school bag with us (disgusting brown canvas thing which was 
known as a "sac") so I always had glucose tabs in there. And in my pencil 
case. Of course, she's unlikely to have her pencil case handy when doing 
Scottish dancing or swimming!

But if she had her tabs with her she could easily take a couple before doing 
the unexpected country dancing or whatever.

Glucose tabs are probably the best for her to carry because they're more or 
less indestructible - I usually split a packet in half or thirds so I don't 
have to carry the whole thing around.

P.S. My mum is much better at pockets than curtains :-) 
She used to make me pockets in skirts sometimes so I could carry my glucose 

> For instance yesterday they suddenly decided that they would do country
> dancing in the morning.  They have not done that before and games and PE
> are usually in the afternoon.  Fortunately Sasha was running slightly
> higher than normal having had readings higher than normal all through the
> night.
> It was one of her friends that told the teacher yesterday, they concerned
> as apparently she looked awful and pale and was staggering about.  It
> wasn't Sasha's normal teacher.
> The trouble is that I think sometimes she gets to a point that she doesn't
> recognise herself that she is going low and I had her say to me that she
> feels just fine when she is dropping off to sleep in the day because she
> has gone low.  But, as you say the majority of the time she does know and
> recognise it. I have actually been scouring the shops for skirts or girls
> trousers that have pockets.  All boys  trousers do!!  Sasha would feel
> totally victimised  and singled out if I sent her in "boys trousers" !!! As
> you have no children you will not have noticed this but boys trousers for
> school are nicely tailored with pockets and pleats etc.  Girls trousers are
> skimpy stretchy things, I so far I haven't found any with pockets!!!! 
> Sasha would be mortified if she had to wear boys  trousers.  Ridiculous I
> know!!  For someone who lives in jeans and play football and thinks some
> girls are sissy.
> I suppose I will have to stitch something in,  though I haven't quite
> worked out how to do it.
> Your mum wouldn't be up for this by any chance (curtains, remember)!!!
> I will ask around about the  video.
> Jackie
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