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Re: [IPk] Video tape from the Diabetes Federation of Ireland

Hi Di

She is fine now most the time if they are in her classroom and doing the same
thing.  It just seems that towards the end of term that routines are suddenly
different and the teachers don't necessarily tell the kids exactly how long
they are going to be somewhere else or what they are going to be doing at a
certain time.  Sasha had two watches and as she had to take them off for PE
and swimming other kids kept fiddling with them and the alarm time kept
getting changed and also both eventually got broken!!! !    I gave the teacher
an alarm clock too but she never used it at all.
I will buy her another watch but even then if they are suddenly taken to a
different class or the routines are changed she will not get the normal cues
that its time to do something.

For instance yesterday they suddenly decided that they would do country
dancing in the morning.  They have not done that before and games and PE are
usually in the afternoon.  Fortunately Sasha was running slightly higher than
normal having had readings higher than normal all through the night.

It was one of her friends that told the teacher yesterday, they concerned as
apparently she looked awful and pale and was staggering about.  It wasn't
Sasha's normal teacher.

The trouble is that I think sometimes she gets to a point that she doesn't
recognise herself that she is going low and I had her say to me that she feels
just fine when she is dropping off to sleep in the day because she has gone
low.  But, as you say the majority of the time she does know and recognise it.
I have actually been scouring the shops for skirts or girls trousers that have
pockets.  All boys  trousers do!!  Sasha would feel totally victimised  and
singled out if I sent her in "boys trousers" !!! As you have no children you
will not have noticed this but boys trousers for school are nicely tailored
with pockets and pleats etc.  Girls trousers are skimpy stretchy things, I so
far I haven't found any with pockets!!!!  Sasha would be mortified if she had
to wear boys  trousers.  Ridiculous I know!!  For someone who lives in jeans
and play football and thinks some girls are sissy.

I suppose I will have to stitch something in,  though I haven't quite worked
out how to do it.

Your mum wouldn't be up for this by any chance (curtains, remember)!!!

I will ask around about the  video.


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> Hi Jackie
> I know from what you've said before that it's often difficult for Sasha to
> speak up when there's a problem like this, and I know that it's likewise not
> always easy for the teachers to keep an eye out.
> I can't remember why Sasha doesn't have a watch? I know she has problems
> telling the time sometimes, but couldn't she use a digital one? I'm sure you
> did tell us before, but I've forgotten!
> Also, I thought how about her having a friend or two to watch out for her
> to speak up if necessary? I'm sure she must have some outgoing friends in
> class who would keep any eye open and either check that she has her test or
> snack, or let the teacher know if Sasha is behaving strangely. Of course,
> the kids get engrossed in what they are doing sometimes, but it might be a
> help.
> Also can she not carry some glucose tablets in her pocket and just take some
> if necessary? I know she often needs to test because she thinks she is low
> when she is high and vice versa, but it might be an idea (there are times
> when you KNOW you are low, and I'm sure it's the same for her)>
> I'm sure you've thought of all these already.
> Di
> P.S. To make a copy of the video you basically need a dual video recorder or
> two video recorders and a connecting lead (in the same way as you would make
> a copy of an audio cassette). Ask around and you'll probably find someone
> can do it for you.
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