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Re: [IPk] Video tape from the Diabetes Federation of Ireland

Hi Jackie
I know from what you've said before that it's often difficult for Sasha to 
speak up when there's a problem like this, and I know that it's likewise not 
always easy for the teachers to keep an eye out.

I can't remember why Sasha doesn't have a watch? I know she has problems 
telling the time sometimes, but couldn't she use a digital one? I'm sure you 
did tell us before, but I've forgotten!

Also, I thought how about her having a friend or two to watch out for her and 
to speak up if necessary? I'm sure she must have some outgoing friends in her 
class who would keep any eye open and either check that she has her test or 
snack, or let the teacher know if Sasha is behaving strangely. Of course, all 
the kids get engrossed in what they are doing sometimes, but it might be a 

Also can she not carry some glucose tablets in her pocket and just take some 
if necessary? I know she often needs to test because she thinks she is low 
when she is high and vice versa, but it might be an idea (there are times 
when you KNOW you are low, and I'm sure it's the same for her)>

I'm sure you've thought of all these already.
P.S. To make a copy of the video you basically need a dual video recorder or 
two video recorders and a connecting lead (in the same way as you would make 
a copy of an audio cassette). Ask around and you'll probably find someone who 
can do it for you.

On Thursday 04 July 2002 12:50, you wrote:
> Hi Tony
> I have just received a copy of the video tape for schools and I think it
> will be extremely useful.  Most of the children featured are a lot older
> than Sasha but the points were very well made about the need to test when
> there is a problem and that it is not something that can wait and the need
> for snacks and meals to be regular and on time.  I wish I had had it
> sooner.  I still  have frequent problems with the school.  Last week they
> were doing singing in the school hall, these rehearsals went pass the time
> when Sasha usually  tests . She tests at 12.00  they do not eat lunch until
> 12.30, if she is low, and she is usually between 4 and 6 mmols then she has
> a biscuit and then the rest of her lunch with the others.  A recording was
> being made and they were told not to talk etc.  Sasha didnt realise what
> the time was or how long the would continue.  She was very low when she did
> get her lunch.
> Yesterday they were not in their usual class as their teacher was showing
> next years new children their new classrooms and introducing them to the
> teacher that they will be having.  All the year 3s were not in there normal
> classes and they were doing unfamiliar things and Sasha didnt know what the
> time was, her diabetes kit and snacks were the other side of the school,in
> the confusion her snack was not given and she went  low. 2.5 and was very
> pale and shaky still I collected her.
> These things seem to happen frequently and she often has teachers do not
> seem to have been reminded of what to do.  We also have a new Head Teacher
> starting in September so we will have to go and see all the staff again.
> I am worried about the school losing the video as they have lost the
> information packs I have send in the past.  I don't know if I can make
> another copy of it.  Does anyone know how you can do this?
> Jackie.
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