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Re: [IPk] Video tape from the Diabetes Federation of Ireland

Hi Jackie

I can't believe your school have actually lost the information packs.  That 
is so terrible.  How did you get the video by the way?  Maybe we could all do 
with loaning one to the school and getting all the staff to watch it.  It 
must be a lot easier than explaining it to people who have had no experience 
of it.  I mean, I was talking to a woman the other day who asked me how 
Danielle was doing with her diabetes and I told her that she is coping very 
well, etc.  The woman said  "Well my sister-in-law has got it but she is a 
bad diabetic - the worst kind that you can get".  I told her that there are 
two types and then she went on to say that she doesn't understand it at all 
and wouldn't be able to work everything out if she had to do it.

I got a video from the pump company who I am getting Danielle's pump from and 
I found it so good for showing to my extended family and friends instead of 
saying "Have you heard of the pump?" and "Well, what it is, is you don't have 
to inject loads of times each day - you just.............".  When they watch 
the video, they understand a lot more about it and they can see a pump being 
used so they know what it looks like as well.

By the way, just been into my neighbour's after doing Danielle's pre-swimming 
blood test at school and saw your feature in Woman magazine.  Isn't it funny 
how you build up a picture of someone in your mind if you haven't met them?  
I thought you had a brown straight bob.

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