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Re: [IPk] TheraSense Built-In PDA-Based Glucose Monitor

I was racking my brains trying to understand Pat's phrase "it's a boring 
charcoal" :-) Couldn't think what it meant - thought it must be some slang 
expression I'd never heard of! Thanks for clearing the mystery up, Tony!
It never occurred to me Pat was talking about the colour of her pump!
I think mine is "boring charcoal" too - at least it's a sort of browny black. 
I would have liked a "cool blue" one too, but I didn't get any choice since 
mine is officially on (permanent) loan from the hospital. Never mind, at 
least I have a funky blue and yellow Esprit meter (kindly donated by a friend 
from another list when I broke my original one and had to revert back to the 
boring grey one since they don't maket he blue and yellow one any more!)

On Thursday 04 July 2002 01:16, you wrote:
> Pat, sorry to hear about your charcoal pump. Mines a nice blue, my
> favourite colour, and I find it's a big hit with the girls!!
> Get well soon,
> Trendy Tony

> > Not that I'm complaining (much) - I've had a really awful bug, and kept
> > working, and had a bg averaging over 10 for a month - absolutely
> > incredible!  Two years ago, it would have floored me, and been averaging
> > at over 15.  So it's a boring charcoal ... who _cares_?  I'd walk the
> > streets at King's Cross to keep it.
> >
> > Best wishes to all,
> >
> > Pat
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