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[IPk] TheraSense Built-In PDA-Based Glucose Monitor

Hi folks
I thought this was quite interesting.

             TheraSense Launches First Built-In
             PDA-Based Glucose Monitor

             Company's FreeStyle(TM) Virtually Painless Testing
             System Combines With Handspring(TM) PDA for
             More Comprehensive Diabetes Management

             TheraSense, Inc. (Nasdaq: THER - News), a leader in
             blood glucose monitoring and maker of the popular,
             virtually pain-free FreeStyle(TM) system, announced
             today it has received FDA clearance to market the
             FreeStyle Tracker(TM) Diabetes Management System, a
             first-of-its-kind glucose monitoring system that is
             integrated into a personal digital assistant (PDA).
             Available for use with the Handspring(TM) Visor(TM)
             PDA, the new diabetes monitoring and management tool enables 
patients to test for glucose levels
             and get a read-out on the PDA screen, graph and chart the 
results over time, review carbohydrate
             food lists to track their food intake, create reminders about 
testing or dietary choices, and more. For
             doctors, the FreeStyle Tracker System provides a highly accurate 
time stamped progression of the
             patient's glucose levels as well as patient-entered events and 
data that affect their diabetic health to
             make better diagnoses and recommendations for the patient's 
diabetes care. 

             "We incorporated the blood glucose monitoring technology from 
our popular FreeStyle monitor into
             a module for the Handspring Visor PDA," said Mark Lortz, 
president and CEO of TheraSense. "You
             get the accuracy, alternate site testing capability and the 
world's smallest sample size of our virtually
             pain-free FreeStyle system combined with sophisticated diabetes 
management tools integrated into a
             PDA. Our hope is that FreeStyle Tracker will reduce the pain of 
diabetes management much like the
             FreeStyle system reduced the pain of glucose testing." 

             The FreeStyle Tracker System, will be sold in two 
configurations, with and without a Visor PDA.
             Both product versions will be available at www.therasense.com by 
June 14, 2002. Orders and inquiries
             can also be directed to TheraSense at 800-522-5226. TheraSense 
expects to offer the FreeStyle
             Tracker System through some of its national chain drug store 
partners and medical supply networks
             in the coming months. 

             About TheraSense 

             TheraSense develops, manufactures and sells easy to use glucose 
monitoring systems that
             dramatically reduce the pain of testing for people with 
diabetes. The company began selling its first
             product, FreeStyle(TM), in June 2000. FreeStyle has wide 
distribution in the United States through
             national retailers including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS, Eckerd 
and Rite Aid. FreeStyle(TM) is
             distributed in various European countries by Disetronic Group, 
the leading provider of insulin pumps
             in Europe. FreeStyle(TM) is distributed in Japan by Nipro 
Corporation, the Japanese market leader in
             dialysis and insulin pumps. TheraSense's headquarters and test 
strip manufacturing facility are
             located in Alameda, California. Visit us at www.therasense.com.
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