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Re: [IPk] Carbs and flying

Hi Mary

> One message here is that individuals absorb different carbs in different
> ways and at different rates! - Carmel's apple would put my bg up, Di's
> tomatoes (even if I ate loads of them) wouldn't have any effect on me and
> nor would most veg.  You have to experiment and find out for yourself how
> different foods affect you.  That does of course complicate the "high/low
> carb" discussion...

Yes, that's absolutely true. Actually tomatoes - and most veg - don't have 
that much effect on me either, whereas apples definitely do! I think it was 
Pat who considered tomatoes to be "high carb" in terms of insulin 

> A personal note on orange juice - I still don't quite understand how a
> small (100 ml) glass of unsweetened cartoned orange juice can raise my bg
> significantly, but oranges and their derivatives (tangerines, mandarins
> etc) don't seem to have any effect.  I know the juice is concentrated, but
> juiced "real" oranges don't have the same effect, surely there shouldn't be
> such a difference?  Anyone else experienced this?

I always thought it was because you actually need quite a lot of oranges to 
make a glass of squeezed orange juice. If you ever buy freshly squeezed 
orange juice (where they make it by squeezing the oranges in front of you) 
they put about 6 oranges in to make a glass. But I never squeeze my own 
oranges (and rarely drink orange juice) so I haven't been able to test it 

> Another airport story...after a bit of hesitation from staff over the
> needles in pump supplies at my local airport - Bournemouth - for the first
> time (so maybe I really should carry that doctor's letter), I was delighted
> to receive a very positive and helpful response at Dublin airport when my
> pump set the alarm off (another first, ever, and I travel a lot).  The
> staff were kindly throughout, didn't know what a pump was but understood my
> explanation, asked me how it compared to injections etc, and let me through
> almost immediately.

I left my pump clipped onto my belt when coming back from France last week. 
Normally I put it in a pocket - just to avoid the unnecessary questions - but 
this time I forgot. They asked me to remove my phone before going through the 
Xray, and I said "it's a medical device" because I wasn't sure if they'd know 
what a pump was and I couldn't be bothered to explain (they're not that 
common in France, so I believe) and they just said OK, fine. Didn't even ask 
me to remove it. I have to say that I fly quite a lot and I've never had a 
problem with my pump or supplies - at worst they make me take it off and put 
it through the Xray machine, which isn't a hardship as long as I remember not 
to have an infusion set somewhere awkward to detach!
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