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[IPk] Carbs (was, How stupid can you get)

Hi all,

One message here is that individuals absorb different carbs in different ways 
and at different rates! - Carmel's apple would put my bg up, Di's tomatoes 
(even if I ate loads of them) wouldn't have any effect on me and nor would 
most veg.  You have to experiment and find out for yourself how different 
foods affect you.  That does of course complicate the "high/low carb" 

A personal note on orange juice - I still don't quite understand how a small 
(100 ml) glass of unsweetened cartoned orange juice can raise my bg 
significantly, but oranges and their derivatives (tangerines, mandarins etc) 
don't seem to have any effect.  I know the juice is concentrated, but juiced 
"real" oranges don't have the same effect, surely there shouldn't be such a 
difference?  Anyone else experienced this?

Another airport story...after a bit of hesitation from staff over the needles 
in pump supplies at my local airport - Bournemouth - for the first time (so 
maybe I really should carry that doctor's letter), I was delighted to receive 
a very positive and helpful response at Dublin airport when my pump set the 
alarm off (another first, ever, and I travel a lot).  The staff were kindly 
throughout, didn't know what a pump was but understood my explanation, asked 
me how it compared to injections etc, and let me through almost immediately.  

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