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Re: [IPk] How Stupid can you get???

:) mmmm 

I've eaten McDonalds once in the last 5 months, my BG stayed at 19 for about 4 hours, 
that didn't make me feel very well so i've steered clear of them since then

I can't eat fish and chips either ... although I can keep my BG respectable <9, i feel really really crap for hours after wards.

I seem to have a problem with fatty foods ... oh well :(


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On 29/06/2002 at 06:05 email @ redacted wrote:

>I've just done something really stupid.  I had a Mcdonalds totalling 90g
>of carbs.  At this time of day that would mean taking 12 units of insulin.
> I took six when I started and I forgot about the other until just now
>(about 90 mins later) I put the additional six units in.  Then I took my
>blood expecting it to be real high.  in fact it was a perfect 6.1.  Does
>Mcdonalds type stuff take a while to go through the system and things
>should be ok or should I eatr some more carbs?  I'll take my blood every
>half hour fora couple of hours to be safe.  What a fool I am :)  maybe
>this is a lesson learned.  Check before correcting!!!
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