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Re:carbs was:- [IPk] How Stupid can you get???

Hi Carmel

> I am now slowly beginning to lose weight now as I am really restricting my
> carb intake. My insulin requirements have reduced by about 40% despite
> having a week off work with an ear infection and a painful shoulder
> joint.

That's great. For me, the only real way to lose weight is to restrict my 
carbs and lower my insulin. It also keeps my Bgs under much better control.

Personally I think Ian Botham hit the nail on the head with his
> comments about dietary advice for people with Diabetes nowadays especially
> for someone like me who was brought up on a cho restricted  diet and then
> ate too much cho! 

I agree. I was so pleased to see that. All too often you end having to feed 
your insulin and eat unnecessary carbs which make you put on weight (if you 
follow the advice of your so-called dietician or consultant)

> My mothers elderly friend has just been diagnosed type 2
> and they were having an disagreement about broad beans, apparently we were
> not allowed them when we were young because of their large cho content and
> my mother felt that it was not right for her friend tgo be eating them!! Oh
> how I was deprived!! 

Ooh, I don't remember being told not to eat broad beans! But then I hated 
them anyway :-)
The one that always gets me up in arms (and still does) is people saying you 
shouldn't eat pickle or tomato ketchup, but encouraging you to drink orange 
juice! I remember being forbidden to eat even the tiniest amount of pickle or 
ketchup, or even smear a scraping of marmalade on my toast, but being 
perfectly entitled to drink orange juice which has far more carbs in! And for 
some reason which I've never understood, vanilla ice cream was fine (when I 
was diagnosed and spent a week in hospital, the only puddings I was allowed 
were fruit or vanilla ice cream) but other flavours of ice cream weren't! How 
weird is that?

I'm ranting again :-) 
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